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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Haddad Alwi & Sulis


Sulis. That is how she is known in the music industry and that is also how her friends and family call her. She was born in Solo, Central Java on January 23rd 1990. When she was only nine years old, while anticipating Maulid Nabi, the prophet's birthday, in 1999, Cinta Rasul One was released. Over ten million copies were distributed and soon millions of Indonesian children knew the lyrics word per word.
Later, one by one Cinta Rasul Two until Cinta Rasul Seven came along, as well as the special edition, Love for the Messenger which was accompanied by Victoria Philharmonic Orchestra from Melbourne and Sydney. That year, Love for Messenger received an AIM, Music Industry Award, the most prestigious award in Malaysia as one out of five best Indonesian albums.
In all Cinta Rasul Albums, Sulis had always been singing with Haddad Alwi, who was not only her duet partner, but also her Shalawat (prayer for the prophet) teacher.
During these years Sulis was especially popular among children. Many mothers have told us that they often carried a small tape player with a Cinta Rasul tape along with them when they went out with their children. They said they often played it when the kids started acting up or nagging. Usually as soon as the mother played the tape, the child started singing along and moving his or her arms copying Sulis in her music videos.
Currently, Sulis is fifteen years old and we are producing her first solo album called Cinta Rasul Pop. At this time she has had many fans from different age groups and parts of the world. Everyday she received phone calls, fax, emails, mails, including small little homemade handicraft not only from everywhere in Indonesia but also from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Syria, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Nigeria, Abidjan, Kosovo, Mauritania, Holland, and the United States of America.
When Sulis is performing on stage, she has a different charisma than most stars and singers. Her expressions and gestures are modest and genuine just like when she is at home with her family and friends. As a young adult, not only she is carrying her name and angelic voice, but also her traditional Solo beauty. Her sympathetic smile and modest approach to her audience are unique and impossible to miss. This charisma sometimes makes it hard for her to deal with her fanatic fans. If in the previous years there were mostly children cheering and clapping, now men and boys are competing with the little ones.
That is Sulis now as a young woman, may Allah protect her.

By Haydar Yahya
The Chief and Founder of Cinta Rasul


Born on 1996, March 13, 37 years ago. Nobody would've expected, not even his loving parents that the son they named Haddad Alwi Assegaf will be known and loved by the hundreds of millions, even beyond national boundaries.

The expression of love and longing for his Lord and His Prophet, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and Rasulullah Shollollohu 'Alaihi wa Alihi Wa sallam, sung in ten different albums between 1997-2003 has sown an intricate bond of love among the people.

Different people call him different names, from those that call him Kak ("brother") Haddad, Habib Haddad, referring to his blood line that goes all the way back to the Holy Prophet. Others refer to him as Mas Haddad, according to his native land in Central Java, Bang Haddad in Eastern Indonesia and Ustadz Haddad to those that regard him as a teacher of love and longing for the Messenger. Every day of the year, letters poured in
from all corners of the world. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, other countries in the Gulf and even a visit from the United States. The conflict ridden world, it seems, begins to realize its thirst for Love after being sidelined for much too long. Love of God, Love of the Prophet and Love for others has been a culture in the family's strong tradition of Islam. Even before he was born, ummiy - that's how he call for his beloved mother - was known to recite sholawat (songs of poetry, praise of the Lord and the Prophet). It seems that the experience was then permanently inscribed in the heart of the youngest son. leading him to the path of his life as he is these days... a romantic path of passionate love and longing, reflected in the tone of his voice.

Yet, nothing too special was apparent in his life. Dropped out of school and several attempts at being a local merchant. It begins with whatever capital he managed to put together, and ends with running out of them. To begin with no starting capital, put him in debt. Wrong turn, apparently. Then he discovered and pursued the calling of his heart. You might as well try and listen to how Haddad would recite the lines of Love, see if you feel the same thing in your heart. If only you have one..


Cinta Rasul 7

"Ya Rasulolloh"

Ya rasulolloh jina lizziyaroh qoshidina
nartaji minkasy-syafa'ah lijami'il hadzirina

natawassal biljalalah alladzi jaa birrisalah
Ahmadal-Hadi wa aalah tanjali 'annadh-dholalah

Ya Rasulollohi badir bil ijabah wassaro-ir
tammimu ma fidzoma-ir waftahu babas-sahalah

Ya syafi'al mudznibina fadriku fi kulli halah
kun ma'i fi kulli manzil waqbalu dzal qauli qolah
kun ma'i ya Rasulolloh kun ma'i ya habibolloh
kun ma'i ya Rasulolloh kun ma'i ya habibolloh.

"Shollolloh 'Ala Muhammad"

Shollollohu'ala Muhammad shollolloh'alaihi wasallam
shollollohu'ala Muhammad wa'ala aali Muhammad

robbi faj'al mujtama'na ghoyatuh husnul khitami
wa'thina ma qod sa-alna min 'athoyakal jisami

wakrimil arwaha minna biliqo khoril anami 2x
wablighil mukhtaro 'anna min sholatin wa salam

marhaban ahlan wa sahlan bika ya khoirol haba-ib 2x

marhaban ahlan bisyamsin khofiat fihal kawakib 2x
waqolbi fi hubbikum asirun bika ya badrot-tamami 2x.

"Robbi Inni"

Robbi inni ya dzash-shifatil'aliyyah
qo-imun bil ghina uridu 'athiyyah

tahta babir-roja waqoftu bidzulli
fa aghithni bilqoshdi qoblal maniyyah

war-rosulul karimu babu roja-i
fahuwa ghowthi wa ghowthu kullil-bariyyah

fa aghitsni bihi waballigh fu-adi
kulla ma yartajihi min umuniyyah
robbi fasluk bina sabila rijalin
salaku fittuqo thoriqon sawiyya.

"Salamun 'Alaik"

Ya Rasulolloh salamun'alaik
ya rofi'asy-syani wad-daroji
'athfatan ya jirotal'alami
ya uhailal judi wal karomi

ahlu baitil Musthofath-thuhuri
hum amanul ardhi faddakiri
wa safinun linnajati idza
khifta min thufan kulli adza

kam imamin ba'dahu kholafu
minhu sadatun bidza 'urifu
wa lighoirillahi ma qoshodu
wa ma'al qur-ani fi qoroni
robbi fanfa'na bibarkatihim
wahdinal husna bihurmatihim
wa amitna fi thoriqotihim
wa mu'afatin minal fitani.

"Li Khomsatun"

Li khomsatun uthfi biha
narol jahimil-hatimah
al Musthofa wal Murtadho
wabnahuma wa fathimah

hum khiroti wadza khiroti
fil mahsyari yaumath-thomah
wakadzaka fiddunya idza
jaa atilkhuthubil qoshimah

bihaqqihim ya dzal jalal
ulhuf bina wal muslimin
min kulli 'anin lammah
wa minal 'ida wa minar-roda
wa minal masho-ibi 'ammah
wa'alaihimu ya robbana

"Nahron Min Laban"

Inna filjannati nahron min laban
li'Aliyyin wa Husainin wa Hasan

ya rasulan qod habana hubbuhu fadzlan waman
jud'alaina bitajalli nartaji minkal minan 2x

ji'tu syauqon wa ghoraman fi hawa qolbi hasan
rojiyan minhub tisaman man lahu ruhi tsaman 2x

min fu-adi wa hanini wa hanin qolbi wa'an
wa ro-ath thoiru haninin tabki 'athfan wa'an 2x
wa sholati wa salami linnabiyyil mu-taman
rojiyan husnal khitami bil Husaini wal Hasan 2x.

"Al Qubbatul Khodzroo"

Allohumma sholli 'ala Muhammad
ya robbi sholli 'alaihi wa alih
robbi ballighna ziaroh nabina 2x
wansyahid Ahmad wal qubbah khodzro

robbi ballighna ziaroh Thoha 2x
kun li mujiron kun li mu'inan

wamdah Muhammad khoirol bariyyah 2x
fuhuwasy-syafi'u lil mudznibina

ya robbi balligh maqoshidana 2x
ya robbi irhamna jami'an

ya robbi sholli 'ala Muhammad 2x
wa kulli man lil habibi yunsab
ya robbi sholli 'ala Muhammad 2x
waghfir wa samih man kana adznab.

"Ma Zamzama"

Arrobbu sholla da-iman wa sallam ya Alloh
'alal mukarrom syellillah
ma zamzamal hadi wama taronnam ya Alloh
filaili-ladhlam syellillah

bidzikri Thohal mujtaban jalalham
wal unsu khyyam seilillah
dzikruh li adwaa-ilqulubi marham ya Alloh
yasyfi minas-sam syeilillah

shollu'alihi innash-sholata maghnam ya Alloh
tunji minal ghom syeilillah
'alaihi robbi fil qur-anil aqdam ya Alloh
sholla wasallam syeilillah
madhuh wa dzikruh filkitabi yutla ya Alloh
'alaihi sholla syeilillah
wafir risalah qodhuhul mu'alla ya Alloh
majlahu majla syeilillah
yablaz zaman walwashfa laisa yubla ya Alloh
haihata mahla syeilillah
waAllhohi ma had 'an 'ulahu tarjam ya Alloh
kalla wala syam syeilillah.

"Ya llahana"

Ya ilahana ighfirlana dzunubana 2x
wa sallimna fiddunyana wa ukhrona 2x

Ya badrotimmin haza kulla kamali 2x
madza yu'abbriru 'an 'ulaka maqoli 2x

antal ladzi asyroqta fi ufuqil 'ula 2x
famahawta bil anwari kulla dholali 2x

wabikas tanarol kauna ya 'alamal huda 2x
binnuri wal in'ami wal ifdholi 2x
wa 'ala jami'il aal wa ashhabi man 2x
qod khoshohum robbul'ula bikamali 2x.